American Express

Discover the American Express® International Dollar Card, designed
for non-US residents.

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Designed for non-US residents1 with a
minimum of US $100,000 in a US financial institution.

The Platinum® Card

 American Express Platinum Card

Annual Fee US$795
Rates and Fees

American Express Gold Card®

 American Express Gold Card

Annual Fee US$300
Rates and Fees

Every destination is yours to discover.

Enjoy the convenience of paying your monthly American Express® billing statements directly from your IBKR account. The American Express® International Dollar Card offers the opportunity for non-US residents to transact in USD.

Two Ways to Get Started

Eligible clients of Interactive Brokers with an individual, Joint, or Trust account can apply by logging in to Portal and navigating to the Transfer & Pay > American Express® menu item.

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  1. Available only for residents of certain countries in Latin America, the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands).