TWS Release Notes

These release notes document the major enhancements and bug fixes distributed in build 925 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation.



Support for Inter-Commodity Futures Spreads

Support for direct-routed native inter-commodity futures spreads is now available in TWS. To create an inter-commodity spread, enter the contract, for example HO.CL, on a ticker line and select Inter-commodity Spreads as the type. Hold your mouse over the spread to see the combo description. Hold your mouse over the blue star to see the price calculation.

New Financial Summary Fundamentals

Reuters subscribers can access the new Financial Summary view from the Fundamentals window. The Financial Summary displays a six year chart in the top half of the window and table in the bottom half showing annual and quarterly Revenue, EPA, and Dividends for 24 quarters. Checkboxes along the top of the chart allow you to easily plot or hide the stock price, revenue, EPS, and dividends. A pull-down toggle lets you quickly change the display to show quarterly values or trailing 12 months of data. Hold your mouse over a fundamental data point in the chart to see the details of the data point including the date, stock price, revenue, EPS and dividends. Data is currently limited to US-traded stocks.

The first row of the table directly below the chart shows the Annual revenue, EPS and dividends by year. The subsequent rows display Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 data by year.

Financail Summary

To view the Financial Summary, select Company Fundamentals from the Analytical Tools menu in TWS. Enter an underlying and then choose Financial Summary from the drop-down selector (showing the default selection of "Summary") in the title bar. From Mosaic, click the blue New Window button and select Fundamentals and then Financial Summary. Additionally you can access the window using the link on any Contract Description page.

Save and Reuse Market Scanner Templates

The Market Scanner now allows you to save your scan parameters as a template and reuse the template anytime you open the Market Scanner window. To save a scan as a template, click the "Save" disk icon next to the Max Results window in the scanner, and select Save Template. Enter a descriptive name for the scanner template. To use a saved template, click the "Save" disk icon and select Load Template. Choose the template to display and click Open.

Notification for Futures Rollover Event

If you have elected the Auto Roll Data for Expiring Futures Contract feature from the General page of Global Configuration, you will be notified with a summary of action anytime an event occurs. Some example of these notifications include:

Change Format for Volume

Volume display has been changed to include three significant digits plus a letter for volumes greater than or equal to 1000. For example, a volume of 1970 would display as 1.97K; 828000 would display as 828K, 444,000,000 would be 444M. This format applies to volume in TWS and in mobileTWS applications.

Dividends Editor Shows Dividend Type

The Dividends Editor now includes a "Type" field that identifies historical dividend payments as either "Regular" or "Special."

Charts Updates

Many changes and fixes have been made to our interactive charts, including:

Use Custom Reference Contract for Volatility Orders

VOL orders that were created on an underlying whose reference contract has been modified in the Model Navigator will use the same modified reference contract. You will receive a notification when you create the order that the reference contract has been modified.

Search Field in Mosaic

The Mosaic ( IBIS) workspace now provides a Search field in the Anchor window. The Anchor window runs along the top of the workspace and includes the menus, buttons, activity badges and time.

ISIN in Contract Description

The Contract Description now includes the ISIN. In cases where the ISIN includes the CUSIP, for example for US Stocks which create the the ISIN by adding the prefix US to the CUSIP, the ISIN will be visible only to users who have subscribed to the CUSIP Data Service via Account Management.

Fixes and Updates

The following changes were implemented in TWS build 925:

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