Trader Workstation (TWS) Installation Instructions

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TWS 9493 • May 12 2015 • Release Notes
Download TWS
TWS 9395 • May 7 2015 • Release Notes
NOTE FOR API USERS: This build of the TWS does not support API connections. Please use TWS build numbers 940 and above.

NOTE: You must have the Java plug-in (version 1.7 or higher) installed on your computer before you begin this installation process. Click here to download the free Java plug-in.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading to Java 1.7, you must first remove all existing Java components from your PC. Please use the Add/Remove Programs feature on the Control Panel to remove the currently installed version and its components.

Step-by-Step Instructions

IB Gateway is packaged with TWS.

1. Click one of the above buttons to begin the download.
The File Download dialog will ask if you want to run or save the file. Click Save.


2. The Save As dialog will appear, prompting you to save the file. You may either change the location or accept the default location. We recommend that you choose the desktop location and click Save.


3. The File Transfer dialog shows the estimated download time.

Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to click Run, Open Folder or Close. Click Run to start the installation and skip to step 5, or click Close and following the instructions in Step 4 below.


4. If you saved the file to your desktop, find the tws40_install icon as seen in the image below. Double-click the icon to start the installation. If you changed the download location, locate the TWS installation file on your computer and double-click it to start the installation.


5. You should now see the Open File – Security Warning dialog. Click Run.


6. Click Next in the Welcome dialog to begin installing TWS.


7. Select the components you wish to install in the Select Applications dialog.

  1. A. If you are only installing TWS, click the check box next to Trader Workstation and IBGateway.
  2. If you are adding IBIS to your TWS, also click the check box next to IB Information System (IBIS).


8. In the Choose Destination Location dialog, click Next. Change the installation folder ONLY if necessary by clicking Browse, then selecting a different location.


9. In the Start Installation dialog, click Next.


10. The next dialog will display the installation progress.


11. Click Finish to complete the installation.


Once you have completed the installation, the TWS icon will be displayed on your desktop. To log into your IB account, simply double-click the Trader Workstation 4.0 icon, as seen below. When prompted enter your username and password, and then click Login.

If you have not installed the required Java plug-in, the Trader Workstation will not load properly but will prompt you to download the plug-in. Click here, to download the Java plug-in.