Java Upgrade Instructions

Windows Instructions
Mac Instructions

Windows PC Java Instructions

Step 1.

First remove any previous versions of Java from your computer. If you notice more than one, remove all versions.

  1. Windows XP
    1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
    2. In the Currently installed programs box, click Java and then click Remove.
  2. Windows Vista / Windows 7
    1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
    2. Select Java, and then click Uninstall.
  3. Windows 8
    1. Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose the Control Panel from the pop-up menu.
    2. When the Control Panel appears, choose Uninstall a Program from the Programs category.
    3. Click on Java and then click its Uninstall, Change, or Repair button.

Step 2.

Once Java has been removed, you are now ready to install Java’s latest version.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Click on Free Java Download
  3. Click on Agree and Start Free Download. At this point depending on your browser your next option will differ.
    1. Internet Explorer

      Select Run at the prompt at the bottom of the screen (Skip to step D after)

    2. Firefox

      Select Save File

      A downloads window will appear showing your recently downloaded files. Double click the Java Download (Skip to step D after)

    3. Google Chrome

      Click on the Java Chrome Install File in the bottom left corner of the browser

  4. Select Run when prompted

  5. Select Install

  6. Uncheck the option to install any additional add-ons and click Next

Step 3.

64 Bit Java Installation (If applicable)

  1. If you're running a 64 bit computer you will also need Java’s 64 version in addition to the 32 bit version. Although your browser maybe 64 bit, you can ensure you have the 64 bit version of Java by clicking on the link See All Java Downloads.

  2. Select the Windows Online download for the 64 bit Java to being the installation.

Mac Java Instructions

Step 1.

Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen and select Software Update.

Step 2.

Allow the system to check for updates.

Step 3.

After checking for updates you will be presented with a window displaying all updates available for your Mac system. If Java is available then ensure it is checked and select Install.