New Website Announcement

We're Updating Our Website!

We are pleased to announce the first in the series of major updates to the Interactive Brokers website.

Why Are We Updating Our Website?

  • To incorporate responsive design – The updated website is easier to read and navigate, providing a consistent interface across a wide range of devices -- desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • You will be able to select your desired account type from the home page (individual, advisor, broker, etc.) and the website will be tailored to your specific needs. (See Future Updates below.)
  • To improve the user interface – The updated website has a modern look and feel with streamlined menus.

What's Changing?

The first thing you'll notice is our new modern look and feel, which will be applied to most of the entire website. In addition, here's a list of the specific menu and web page changes that you will see in this update:

  • Redesigned home page.
  • The designation between Individual and Institution sites has been removed. There is now a single website for all clients.
  • Client Role Landing Pages:
    • You will be able to drive the content of the website based on your own needs by selecting a client role via the Start Here button on the Home page. Once you have selected a role, a new landing page dedicated to that role opens, and the Why IB menu is replaced by a client role menu, where you can select a different role and return to the Home page.
    • The Home page (with no client role selected) is always available by clicking our logo or from the leftmost menu (the one that replaces the Why IB menu once a role is selected).
  • Why IB menu (excluding Strength and Security page). This is now a single page accessed by clicking the Why IB menu. Individual Why IB pages are no longer available under the Why IB menu. Once a client role has been selected, the Why IB menu is replaced by a client role menu.
  • Pricing menu – This is the new name of the Costs menu.
  • Pricing Overview page – This new overview page presents a top-down look at all of IB's pricing options.
  • The Trading and Products menus have been combined under a single Trading menu. Every menu item that used be located under Products is now located in the new, expanded Trading menu.
  • Trading Platforms page – This new page presents an overview of all of our platforms - desktop, mobile and web trading.
  • Products Overview page – This used to be the Product Highlights page.
  • Account Management Overview – This updated page combines the existing Account Management page with the old Account Services Highlights page.
  • Account Management Overview – This updated page combines the existing Account Management page with the old Account Services Highlights page.
  • EmployeeTrack Management Overview – This new page presents an overview of EmployeeTrack.
  • The Trading > Research page will be renamed Research Platform, and will function as an overview page for our Research offerings. This is currently available from the Trading menu but will be redesigned.
  • Forms & Disclosures and Careers have been moved to the footer section.
  • The IB Trading Lab is now a client role called Educator, available from the Start Here button on the Home page.
  • Pages that appear to have been removed from the menus, with the exception of those mentioned above that were combined into existing pages, are now accessible from another page by drilling down:
    • The following items were removed from the Trading menu and are now available by drilling down through the Trading > Trading Platforms page.
      • Paper Trading
      • Trading Tool Highlights
  • Trading Calendars was moved from the Contact Us menu to the Education menu under Other Resources.
  • The Suggestion Box was removed.
  • The Site Map is available from the footer and lists all updated menus and menu items.

Future Updates

We'll be making these additional changes in the future:

  • The entire website menu will become dynamic based on the client role selection. For example, Advisors will only see menus and menu items that pertain to Advisors.
  • The Open Account menu will be dynamic based on each client role.
  • The IBIS website will be incorporated into existing pages.
  • All pages accessible from the menu will be redesigned.
  • Pages with multiple tabs will be redesigned to remove the tabs where possible.