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TWS Fundamental Analysis Tools - Webinar Notes


IB’s Information System equips active traders with a robust arsenal of research tools powered by a variety of tier one content providers.

You can take advantage of the low-cost, comprehensive research essentials bundle with reduced pricing on seven key bundled subscriptions – or subscribe à la carte to just the analytic research feeds and newswire services that you need.

Both the Reuters Event Calendars and Company Fundamentals are now available in all IB accounts at no charge. Additional premium news services, analyst research and event calendars are easily activated by subscription from Account Management.

Trader Workstation users will see the Company Fundamental windows seamlessly integrated in TWS – combining the research tools with market data, order entry, trade management and account monitoring in a single workspace.

Event Calendars

Reuters Street Event Calendars give you access to these features:

Daily Lineup

A front-page layout of the day's upcoming events and top news stories to start each trading day. Get a birds-eye summary view of the day’s headlines and notable events with real-time updates throughout the day.

Scan the Daily Lineup for an overview of world markets, economics events and earnings.

  • Check Analyst activity
  • Quick click access to detailed reports

To view Daily Lineup

  • Mosaic – New Window button > Daily Lineup.
  • Classic TWS – Analytical Tools menu > Daily Lineup.

Event Calendars

View Corporate Earnings, Corporate Events, Economic Events, Dividends, Splits and IPO/Secondary Offerings from the Events Calendar. In TWS Build 961, the Reuters Street Events data, which previously displayed on separate pages in the Events Calendar section, has now been combined into a unified "Calendars" interface with multiple, filterable sections.

Open from the Event Calendar button in the TWS Mosaic window, or the Analytical Tools menu in Classic TWS. The left side of the Calendars window provides filters to streamline the data shown on the right. By default the view opens to today's date, but you can click any date on the calendar to view filtered events for that day.

  • Use the drop down selector to view filtered data for US, America Non-US, Europe, Asia, or All global regions.

Event calendars can be set to filter data for companies in your watchlists and/or related firms by market sector.

  • Filter by Company – Enter a symbol to display data for just the specified company.
  • Only Show My Companies
    • When on, companies displayed in the individual sections are in your portfolio, a Watchlist, were recently held by you, or are competitors in the same sector companies of these. Filter further by unchecking any of the four "my companies" selections.
    • When off, you will see full data from Thomson Reuters.

Corporate Actions

Four sub-categories of Corporate Actions are displayed. You can filter further by checking/unchecking these categories:

    • Corporate Earnings - consensus estimates provided in advance, actual values update for major corporations as they are announced.
    • Dividends – shows Declaration, Payment, Record and Ex-Dividend dates and annualized amount.
    • IPO/Secondary Offerings – for upcoming IPOs IB makes every effort to provide customers the ability to enter orders in advance of the day at which trading begins in the secondary market.
    • Stock Splits: shows Declaration, Payment, Record and Ex-Distribution date with Ratio and Description.
  • Corporate Events – display or hide major corporate events such as shareholder meeting, conferences, forums, etc.
  • Economic Events calendar – Economic indicators/events, FOMC announcements, unemployment, consumer confidence, and more. Global coverage.
  • Option Last Trade Dates: Toggle on or off to view/hide the Option Last Trade Dates section.

The results of your filters will display in the large frame on the right side of the Calendars window. Click an event to see more details.

  • Use the DAY/WEEK/MONTH buttons on the top right to view results for the selected time period.
  • Events shown in weekly or monthly view are identified by colored dots.
  • Use the calendar in the Filter section to select a different day, week or month.


The Mosaic News window lets you view real-time news and browse historical articles with ease and efficiency. Three tabs separate general market news, news for positions held in your portfolio and ticker specific headlines. In Classic TWS, add a News panel to any Quote Monitor Analytical Tools menu.

Configure your news feeds with customized headline filters for just those articles relevant to your trading needs.

Additional tabs can be added with the “+” tab to view:

  • Net Social Sentiment – is the difference between the positive/negative social media news headlines by company. Filter for specific tickers.
  • Market Signals – price spikes, irregular volume spikes, new 52 week highs/lows, put/call ratio spikes, trading halts and more.
  • StockTwits – information on what's happening right now with unedited comments and opinions from professional traders. In real-time, with real emotion and real language!

Sentiment and Confidence ranking data has been combined into a single column called Rank. The column uses color along with a number to indicate a positive or negative sentiment.

  • Green indicates a positive ranking and can have a value between 0 and 1.
  • Red indicates a negative ranking with a value between -1 and 0.
  • Gradations of ranking indicate the degree of confidence in the sentiment.

For example a positive ranking of 1 would indicate more confidence in the sentiment than a positive ranking of 0.65. If the Rank field is empty, the article has not been ranked, and a notation of "n/a" indicates neither positive nor negative sentiment.

Analyst Research

The Analyst Research button provides third-party institutional-caliber research integrated in the Trader Workstation (TWS) trading platform.

Analyst reports contain concise, actionable recommendations. Subscription is required for the premium content. Click on any of the providers listed on the Analyst Research tab and select More Info for a 30-day free trial subscription and sample research report where available.

Analyst Actions

The Analyst Research window summarizes upgrade/downgrade activity for companies including those in your watchlist(s), portfolio and competitors of those companies. The lower panel provides upgrade/downgrade details.

Recent Publications

Link is provided to access recent publications from your subscribed providers. Use the Ticker or Company Search field to locate information on a specific corporation. The Company Report filter lets you display reports for your Portfolio positions or Portfolio + Competitors.

Subscribed – provides a quick access list to your subscribed providers to.

Available – For additional information on the available, integrated research providers: Real-time Access to Comprehensive Research, News and Market Data

Fundamental Research Amenities

Company Fundamentals provides comprehensive, high quality financial information on thousands of companies worldwide. This window includes separate pages for these sections:

Corporate Summary
Provides expanded business and financial overviews for the selected corporation along with snapshot views of key financial ratios, analyst estimates corporate officers and website links.

Financial Summary
Displays a six-year chart in the top half of the window, hover over the chart data points to view the details including date, price, revenue, EPS and dividends on the selected underlying.

Detailed insider and institutional Ownership statistics to incorporate into your investment strategies. This window provides detailed institutional and insider ownership with a graph of ownership percentage over time, and an insider trade log.

Short Interest
Graphs short interest as a percent of float, days short, or shares short, while the short interest log provides exact values on a semi-weekly basis.

Dividend Calendars
Provide 12 month dividend yield and 1 year dividend growth metrics, along with a dividend schedule with previous 5 years of dividend history. Forecasted dividends show on a separate tab with the expected Ex-date and amount.

Analyst (Summary)
Staying on top of analyst activity is a necessity in a world where upgrades and downgrades move markets. The sell-side Analyst Rating provides summary rating and price target statistics along with upgrade/downgrade history. Graphs illustrate mean ratings history, price target history and rating distribution over time. Full display requires subscription to Reuters Fundamentals.

Analyst Ratings (Detail)
See the most recent analyst recommendations for the selected contract. Previous recommendations are provided for comparison.

Financial ratios focus on a company's valuation measures like price-toearnings (P/E) and price-to-sales (P/S) ratios to help identify an undervalued stock. Popular valuation methods are provided, factoring in price/earnings, dividend yields, book value, return on equity and more. These Ratios can also be seen in the Contract Description window. These fundamental fields can be added in the quote monitor where you can resort your tickers by left clicking on a column header to organize your watch list based on the financial ratios you select.

Financial Statements
View income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for the five previous quarterly or annual periods.

Analysts Forecasts
Consensus Estimates and Estimates Trend

Similar Products
Quickly find the top corporations in the same industry or sector, and customize your filter criteria, such as high and low P/E Ratios and High Dividend Yield using our real-time market scanners. Scanners are customizable, use the configuration wrench to set your own criteria.

Wall Street Horizons Corporate Event Calendar

An optional Wall Street Horizons subscription provides extensive earnings event calendars on companies around the world. Upcoming earnings dates, conference call details and other corporate events are provided with dates, times and URLs, along with direct links to earnings call transcripts.

Included with the selected stock's events will be a table showing all events for related companies in the same market sector. You can easily set an Alert to be notified in TWS, via e-mail or text message.

  • Broadcast link will take you to the company's conference webcast page where you can sign up for the live broadcast or access the transcript when available.
  • Along with the selected corporation’s events will be a table showing events for related companies in the same market sector.

View the Corporate Event Calendar for companies held in your portfolio. From New Window button, select WSH Corporate Event Calendars or in your Account Window > Portfolio section to view information

Add the Event Calendar fields to any TWS quote line. Columns are sortable so you can quickly see the upcoming events in any of your watch lists. To add:

  • Right-click column headers and select Customize Layout.
  • Expand the Events Calendar section for recent/upcoming calendar event choices
  • Selected fields will appear in your trading window with available dates.
  • Double click a date field to open the Events Calendar.

Portfolio Event Calendar

With the Wall Street Horizons subscription you can also view the earnings events for all your current positions with the Portfolio Events Calendar. This is also available as a selection from the Classic TWS Analytics menu or use the Portfolio Event Calendar icon from Account Window | Portfolio Section.

SEC Filings

SEC.gov has a substantial repository of financial information provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission. You can access all SEC filings for the selected company for the past year, with drill down access to the actual reports. Right click on a specific ticker then go to Fundamental Analytics -> SEC Filings. This will take you to www.sec.gov for the selected corporation.

Use Fundamentals in Quote Monitor & Market Scanners

Key fundamental fields can be added to your watchlists. You can also use fundamental data as filters for global equity market scanners.

  • From the Right Click menu, choose Customize Layout, and expand the Fundamentals Group to select from the available fields.
  • Once added, you can then quickly sort and re-sort any of your ticker lists based on the fundamental fields with just a left click on the column headers.