How Do I Trade at IB?

IB supports several trading platforms, each designed to meet the different trading needs of active traders. All of these platforms can be accessed using the login credentials you received when you opened your IB account. You can access any platform at any time based on your current need. If you're in your office, choose from our desktop offerings, WebTrader and TWS. Are you on the go? Our mobile solutions support many of the most popular devices. We also offer several API solutions if you prefer to connect to IB via your own front end.

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Global electronic access with user-friendly screens

Our HTML-based WebTrader is a simplified trading platform. You might consider using the WebTrader if you generally trade a single product using basic order types, have to go through a firewall to access the internet, or simply prefer a straight-forward interface that provides the basics, over a complex, feature-rich platform. Remember that you can use WebTrader in the morning, log out, and use TWS in the afternoon. You are never locked into any one platform.

Trader Workstation

Superior technology in a feature-rich environment

You may prefer using TWS if you’re looking for one tool that puts everything at your fingertips. The TWS trading platform lets you trade multiple products around the world, all from the same screen. It includes many advanced trading tools, supports automated algos and sophisticated order types, and includes cutting-edge price/risk, technical, and fundamental analytics to help you plan a strategy and achieve your goals.

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Mobile Solutions

On-the-go access to your IB account

Whether you’re always on the go or simply like to keep connected, our mobile solutions allow you to trade your IB account from most mobile devices. mobileTWS for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices are custom-designed for these popular models, while the generic MobileTrader supports most other Smart phones.

API Solutions

Connect to the IB system through a custom front end

Build your own front end applications in Excel, C++, Posix C++, Java, and Visual Basic with our proprietary IB API, or consider our industry-standard FIX solution if you can support a FIX Computer-to-Computer Interface (CTCI) infrastructure.

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