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How Do I Deposit, Withdraw and Transfer Funds and Positions?

All of your fund management, including deposits, withdrawals, and transfers of both cash and positions, is administered through Account Management. You can log into Account Management using the Login menu on the IB website, and access it directly from within TWS using the Account Management Home command on the Account menu. Use the same username/password combination you use to log into your trading account.

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Bank Information

Save bank information to support all deposits and withdrawals

You can save your bank information when you create deposit notifications and withdrawal requests, then re-use the saved information for future funding transactions. Create deposit notification and withdrawal requests on the Fund Transfers page in Account Management.

Depositing Funds

Set up deposit notifications in Account Management

Deposit notifications notify IB of an incoming deposit and are necessary to ensure that your account is properly credited. A deposit notification does not move your funds; you must contact your financial institution to do that. Complete your deposit notification request on the Fund Transfers page in Account Management.

Withdrawing Funds

Initiate withdrawals from the Fund Transfers page

The Fund Transfers page in Account Management is the starting point for withdrawing funds.

Transfer Funds and Positions

Initiate Position Transfers or Fund Transfers

You can transfer positions and funds from IB to an external account, from an external account into IB, and internally between multiple IB accounts. Log into Account Management and use the Position Transfers page for positions or the Fund Transfers page for funds.

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