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ACATS Transfers

The Transfer Positions screen lets you transfer US stocks, warrants, options US mutual funds, US bonds and cash held at another brokerage firm to us through the National Securities Clearing Corporation's (NSCC) Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS). A full ACATS transfer moves all of your assets from a third-party broker to your IB account. A partial ACATS transfer moves only those assets that you select.

When you select ACATS as the transfer method on the Transfer Positions page, you can:

Your Account Name, Tax Identification Number and Customer Type (i.e. individual, joint, Roth IRA), must exactly match the third-party broker account in order for the transfer to take place.

About Saved Broker Information

If you want to use your third-party broker for an ACATS transfer AND save it in our system for future use, you must complete two tasks:

  1. Initiate a new ACATS transfer, but choose to save the new broker information. No transfer is performed in this step.
  2. Initiate a new ACATS transfer using the saved broker information. This is where you select the assets to transfer.

Note: You cannot simultaneously save new broker information and perform a transfer. The transfer must either be performed without saving the broker information, or the transfer must be performed after the broker information is saved.

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