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Tax Forms

You can view and print annual tax forms for the last five years on the Tax Forms page. Tax forms available on this page include:

Some Canadian accounts have two separate sets of 2013 tax forms that correspond to two separate accounts, one open account and one closed account. We only display the set of tax forms for one of those accounts on this page. To see the tax forms for your other account, use the Account Selector at the top of this page as follows:

1. Click the tab to open the Account Selector.
2. Click the Include Closed Accounts check box to see your closed account.
3. Click the account in the Account Selector. The tax forms for that account will now appear on the page.

If you do not see the Account Selector, then you only have one set of tax forms.

To view and print tax forms

  1. Click Reports > Tax > Tax Forms.

If you have a multiple account structure such as an institution account or multiple linked accounts, use the Account Selector at the top of the page to select an account on which to report. To view tax forms for a closed account, select the Include Closed Accounts check box, and then select the closed account.

The Account Selector is closed once you select an account. To change the selected account, click the tab to open the Account Selector, and then click a different account.

  1. For each tax form you want to view, select the year and display format (HTML/Web or MS Excel), then click View Form or View Report.

Here is an example of the Tax Forms page. The Tax Forms page for your account may have different forms available.

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