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Client Account Templates

Advisors, Fully Disclosed Brokers and Fund Investment Managers can create client account templates in Account Management to save and re-use application information for new client accounts. Client account templates let you enter information such as customer type, base currency and trading permissions (including participation in our Stock Yield Enhancement Program), then quickly add that information to a client account application without having to re-enter the same information for multiple applications.

The Client Account Templates page lets Advisors, Fully Disclosed Brokers and Fund Investment Managers create, modify and delete client account templates. When you add client accounts from within Account Management, you will have the option of selecting a saved client account template, which will prepopulate a portion of the client account application.

Advisors and Fully Disclosed Brokers whose clients begin their application at the Advisor's or Broker's own website can add a unique client ID to the Client Invitation sent to the client. For more information, see Using a Custom ID for Advisor and Fully Disclosed Broker Client Applications.

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