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IB Student Trading Lab

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IB Student Trading Lab


Interactive Brokers Group, a worldwide leader in market-making and broker-dealer services, invites college professors, high school teachers and their students to participate in The IB Student Trading Lab.

The IB Student Trading Lab is a partnership between IB and an instructor. The program enables educators to use IB’s PaperTrader account for free in their financial, computer science, business and other applicable classes. Students using the IB PaperTrader during the course of the academic year can work on financial technology or investment strategies assignments and projects, and will gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. financial markets as well as forex trading. Our Trader Workstation provides students with the ability to trade forex and US stocks, options, and bonds in a simulated account using real time-market data and offers a safe environment to apply trading strategies while learning how to improve risk-management skills.

Interactive Brokers is sponsoring this program to highlight the growing need for students in the fields of financial engineering/computational finance/financial mathematics.

IB Student Trading Lab

The TWS PaperTrader account allows student traders to use the full range of IB trading facilities in a simulated environment so they can:

  • Use powerful features such as order types and algos in different trading platforms - without risk.
  • Learn market dynamics covering exchanges and new products.
  • Simulate and test their own trading strategies.
  • Program trading applications and test them through the TWS Application Program Interface (APIs).
  • Utilize various statements and reports to manage and evaluate their account portfolio.

All students will start with USD 1,000,000 of paper trading Equity with Loan Value, and this equity will reflect their trading activity as if the trades had executed in the real market.

Cash equity can be reset at any time through the student's Account Management.

This program is open to all college and high school professors within and outside the US, but requires the sponsoring instructor to apply for the student accounts and supervise the project within the guidelines of the lab. For the Application Process please see the Info for Educators tab above.