Broker Assisted Options Trading: Option and Option Spreads

Interactive Brokers’ block execution desk provides premier option execution services for clients who make their own trading decisions, but periodically need help in working large or complex orders. This service is available for option orders of 100 contracts or larger.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships, provide expert assistance, and get the best possible execution for your trade. If you are having difficulty getting an execution online, one of our brokers can help you complete your trade.

Service highlights for broker assisted trading include:

To talk with an experienced options broker regarding your trading needs and goals, please contact IB’s block execution desk at 203-618-4030, or via email at

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Outright options
Option to option spreads
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Large cap
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5. What is most important from voice brokers?
Price improvement vs. NBBO
Access to liquidity
Working orders
Speed of execution and reporting