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Funding Reference

Internal Position Transfers

Use the Transfer & Pay > Transfer Positions > Internal Transfer Positions page in Client Portal. Position transfers help us match your incoming funds for proper credit to your account. Requests submitted during regular trading hours will transfer immediately. Requests submitted outside of regular trading hours are processed the next business day.

Internal Position Transfer Methods

Transfer positions between master and sub accounts

Single Trading Limit ("STL") accounts users with fund management access for the Master Account can transfer positions of any asset class between the master account and its sub accounts.

Transfer positions internally between matching accounts

Clients can transfer some or all of their assets from one account to a matching account. However, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Account Titles of both accounts must match.
  • The country of legal residence of both accounts must - match.
  • For US customers, the US tax ID (Social Security number) of both accounts must match.
  • For non-US Individual customers, the ID number, ID type (passport, driver's license, national ID, or alien ID) and ID-issuing country must match. For joint non-US customers, the IDs of both first and second holder must match.
  • For non-US Organization customers, the government-issued ID and issuing country of both accounts must match.
  • Linked accounts can use this type of position transfer.

Please complete a transfer request on the Transfer Positions page in Client Portal.

IRA Conversion to a Roth Account

Single IRA Users with a Traditional, Rollover or SEP IRA account can perform an IRA conversion to transfer all assets from their Traditional, Rollover or SEP IRA account to their Roth IRA account. Both accounts must have matching names and taxpayer identification numbers. Select IRA Conversion to Roth Account in Client Portal.

  • Please know that IBKR does not accept physical stock certificates.
  • Please note that large block position transfers involving small cap securities may be subject to a temporary sale restriction in order to conduct any due diligence necessary to ensure that the shares are registered and not subject to any regulatory restrictions with respect to sales. Inquiries regarding restrictions may be directed to