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TWS Release Notes

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The enhancements and modifications below are in build 905 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation.

Subscription-based Wall Street Horizon Events Calendars

Customers can now subscribe to the Wall Street Horizon Events Calendar. This feature includes access from both the Analytics menu and the Company Fundamentals tool, and provides the following:

  • Company Fundamentals: View the Events Calendar by ticker symbol in the Company Fundamentals window. The Events Calendar shows dates for upcoming and recent events for the selected ticker, including earnings announcements, investor conferences and links to transcripts (if available).
  • Company Fundamentals: View Related Events, which shows dates for earnings announcements, investor conferences and links to transcripts for companies related by industry to the selected ticker.
  • From the Analytics menu: Select Events Calendar to view upcoming events for all US stock tickers you select on your trading window.
  • From the Analytics menu: Select Portfolio Events Calendar to view upcoming events for all US stock tickers in your current portfolio.
  • Add Event Calendar fields to your trading window using the Market Data tab in the Layout manager.

To subscribe to Wall Street Horizon, log into Account Management, and from the Trading Access menu select Market Data Subscriptions. Check the appropriate box and continue through to accept the change. Updates in your market data subscriptions may take up to one business day to be applied.

For more information, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Yield Optimizer Trading Tool

A new trading tool, the Yield Optimizer, has been added to the Trading menu. The Yield Optimizer allows you to compare the borrow rates for hard-to-borrow stocks using different strategies, including EFPs, borrowing via AQS using the SBL instrument type, or having IB borrow shares for you. To borrow shares using one of the Yield Optimizer methods, select the ticker line in the Borrow Shares panel. A symbol-specific panel opens, with a single data line for each available borrow strategy.

For information on the Yield Optimizer, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Route Options for Highest Rebate

A new Options Strategy selection box allows users to have non-marketable Smart-routed options orders routed to the exchange offering the highest rebate. To set this directive, from the Configure menu select Global Configuration. Choose Smart Routing in the left pane, and use the Options Strategy drop-down box at the bottom of the page to choose "Highest Rebate."

Accumulate/Distribute: Large Order Limit Price and Combo Time Zone

The Accumulate/Distribute tool now includes a limit price field for use with the Take entire offer feature. Use this field to set the price condition if you elect to take all quantity offered at the size you define. In addition, to support combination orders that have legs on different exchanges in different time zones, a time zone field has been added to the Accumulate/Distribute algo. If you elect to set a start time, you can choose the time zone you want to use.

For help using Accumulate/Distribute, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Percentage Change Price Condition for Alerts

A new condition type, Percentage Change, has been added to the list of conditions for both Conditional Orders and Alerts.
This selection joins existing conditions Price, Margin Cushion, Trade, Time and Volume. Use this condition to create an alert that will trigger if the percent of price change for a specified ticker is less than or equal to, or greater than or equal to, the specified percentage change. For example, you could create an alert that would trigger if the price of IBM moved up or down by more than 3%.

Combo Selection Redesign

The functionality for creating combo orders has been enhanced to be more intuitive and easier to use.

  • The three combo tabs are now called Multiple, Strategy and Pair or Leg-by-Leg to more clearly indicate their function.
  • The Pair or Leg-by-Leg tab (previously called Generic) has a cleaner interface that allows you to add legs directly into the combo table, rather than stepping through a form and then adding each leg as the last step.
  • The process for defining symbols to be used in the Strategy tab (previously called Single) has been modified to follow the normal convention of the TWS contract selection process used to add market data lines to the trading windows. Previously the user had to manually enter the underlying, currency and exchange into a series of fields at the top of the box.
  • The tabs occur as the first piece of information in the Combo Selection box, instead of as the second choice. Previously the symbol definition fields occurred first which did not always make sense depending on the type of combo the user wanted to create.
ScaleTrader Order Tabs

The ScaleTrader now includes three new tabs - Simple, Pair and Combo. Use the default Simple tab to create a single order. Use the Pair tab to create a two-legged pair trade. Use the Combo tab to create a combination order. Please note that IB can only guarantee US Smart routed option-option and stock-options combos. If you open the ScaleTrader from a blank line, select a tab and then define your ticker. If you open ScaleTrader after selecting a ticker, it opens as a Simple order by default. If you elect to change the order to a Pair or Combo order, use the "Edit" button on the far right side of the tab set to re-define your order.

For help using the ScaleTrader, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Market Scanners Available on Weekends and After Hours

You can now use TWS Market Scanners (with the exception of bond and EFP scanners) after trading has stopped on evenings and weekends. After-hour scanners use data from the previous close to provide a static snapshot as of the market's close. Data provided in the after-hours Market Scanners includes the last bid, ask, and change. Snapshot data is identified by a gray background color in the Scanner display.

For more information on using Market Scanners, see the TWS Users' Guide.

API: Option Analytics Fields

API users will now receive options analytics data, including gamma, vega and theta (delta is already available) via the tickOptionComputation() method when requesting market data on an option.

API: Improved Message Reporting Log

The API message log, which is sent to the IB development team for evaluation of problems, has been enhanced to improve the quality of tracking data included. Two new optional checkboxes have been added to the API configuration page in TWS: Create raw API log and Include market data in API. Both of these selections help to improve the content of the message log.


Recent changes to our real-time charts include:

  • The ability to define the label positions for trendlines in the Layout section of the chart configuration page.
  • For bar charts, a new checkbox lets you display the VWAP price on the bar. Define this setting in the Display area of the chart's configuration Settings page.
  • The volume charts now use colors to help illustrate up and down movement in volume.
  • You can now select up to 16 tickers and choose New Chart for Selected Contracts from the Chart menu to create a single chart window with multiple charts.
  • The Show Bars and Show Candlesticks icons on the Charts toolbar have been combined into a single toggle button.
Average Price Decimal Display

For products that require a custom market rule (ZF, ZN, ZB etc), the Average Price in TWS will ignore user display settings for rounding and decimal places, and display using the market rule.

Special Dividends

The Yield calculations will now include any special dividends, such as one-time payments.

Fixes and Changes

The following items have been fixed or modified in build 905 of TWS:

  • An issue with FA transfer reports resulting in a display error in the TWS Trades window has been fixed.
  • An issue with the method TWS uses to handle multiple scanner requests was causing incorrect error messages. This has been fixed.
  • API: The data snapshot for options did not always deliver the delta for the bid/ask/last. This has been fixed.
  • API: The first volatility order with an attached hedge order sent via the API after TWS is started was not being transmitted. This has been fixed.
  • The "Enter name for new layout" box was being triggered incorrectly when the user tried to create a new page layout. This has been fixed.
  • Changes made in the Portfolio page, such as sorting method by field, or manually rearranging contracts, will now be saved and displayed the next time the user logs in.
  • If an RFQ (Request for Quote) was rejected, the RFQ screen would incorrectly remain displayed. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with BookTrader that resulted in an error if a BookTrader window was minimized and maximized multiple times has been fixed.
  • Multiple issues with the Scaletrader have been addressed, including an extra row with the same price in the Scale Progress box, the Scale Progress not updating properly in some cases, and the apparent ability to modify the Auto-reset setting.
  • Blotter: The clearing and account selections were incorrectly allowed to be modified for partially completed tickets.
  • Blotter: If user has the dark color scheme enabled in TWS, part of the message in the incoming FIX order notification box is invisible. This has been fixed.

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