Why Interactive Brokers

Building the largest global brokerage platform...

Trading on over 100 exchanges and market centers in
19 countries in 17 currencies across multiple asset classes
is a good start... and we still have a long way to go...

-Thomas Peterffy, CEO & Chairman Interactive Brokers

Low Cost

See how IB compares in several categories. This page provides a broker cost comparison, execution comparison to the rest of the industry, and a US margin loan rates comparison.

Global Offerings

Learn about our global offerings in products and exchanges around the world.

Superior Trading Technology

See how 35 years of building electronic trading technology can deliver real advantages to professionals worldwide.

Risk Management & Control

Find out how our advanced technology, including the IB Risk Navigator and our real-time margin system, can give you the tools you need to manage and control your trading risk.

Comprehensive Reporting

Learn about our flexible and extensive reporting capabilities, which let you customize your output, delivery method and reporting periods in reusable and customizable templates.

Education Center

Continue to learn and expand your knowledge at our comprehensive Education Center. Participate in free live webinars, try our interactive tours, and download useful gadgets and widgets.

Strength & Security

Learn about our dedication to keeping your account safe and secure.


Check out our impressive list of trading awards amassed over the past five years.


Browse all of our offerings from a single convenient page to learn more about the advantages we offer to traders.