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Using the US Corporate Bond Scanner

You can select US Corporate Bonds as the instrument type when you run a market scanner in WebTrader.

To use the US Corporate Bond Scanner

  1. Click the Scanner tab.
  2. If the scan settings are not already displayed, click the blue arrow to the left of the scan title or click the Edit button.
  3. Select US Corporate Bonds from the Instrument list. The rest of the scan settings refresh with scan criteria specific to US Corporate Bonds.

  4. In the Filters section, do any of the following:
  1. Use the check boxes to require or exclude any industry-specific bonds from the scan results.
  2. Select a sort order from the Sort by drop-down.
  3. Select the maximum number of results to return in the Max Results drop-down.
  4. Click Search. The scan results display.
  5. Click any column heading to sort the data by that column.
  6. Click the Edit button to modify the scan settings and run the scan again.