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Creating a Market Scanner

You create market scanners on the Scanner page.

To create a market scanner

  1. Click the Scanner tab.
  2. Click the Edit button or the blue arrow on the left side of the Scanner title to display the scan settings.
  3. You select the instrument, location, scanner parameter and filtering criteria on the scan settings section of the page. Note that you can click the minus sign (-) to hide the scan settings.

  4. Select an instrument from the list. Note that the scan title changes with each selection to reflect the criterion you select.
  5. Select a location from the Location tree. You can click the minus and plus signs to hide or show a location. The available locations change depending on the selected instrument.
  6. Select the scanner parameter from the list. The available parameters change depending on the selected instrument and location.
  7. Optionally, select filter criteria:


  1. Set the maximum number of instruments to return in the scan in the Max Results field. Available selections depend on the selected scanner parameter. Select Auto to return 50 instruments.
  2. Click Search to view the scan results.

Sorting Scan Results

You can sort the scan results by any column heading by clicking the double arrow icon next to the column name.