WebTrader Release Notes

The enhancements and modifications below are in release 2.5 of IB WebTrader.

Link to System Bulletins

A new Bulletin link has been added to the top header on every WebTrader page. When notifications are published, the Bulletin link will blink to indicate that important system-related trading information is available. Click the link to view the latest bulletin in a separate window. If multiple bulletins have been published, use the Prev/Next link to move forward and backward between notices.

Ability to Save Settings for Remote Access

A new checkbox to save your WebTrader settings to a remote server has been added to the Login page. If you check Remote Settings when you log in, any changes you make to your preferences, modes, market view and more will be saved to a remote server and will be used the next time you log into WebTrader regardless of where you initiate the session.

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