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Position and P & L

Column Name


% of Market Value Shows the market value of the contract as a percentage of the total market value of the account.

Avg Price

The average cost of the current position.

Cost Basis

The cost basis is calculated using  the formula:

average price x position x multiplier

Deliverable Value

For stocks, this is the value of the stock.

For options and futures, this is the value of the underlying asset.

Long Market Value The current total market value of all long positions in your portfolio.

Market Value

Equal to (position * market price).


Displays gains or losses. To modify the P&L calculation used, right-click the field and select or deselect Include today's opening position in P&L calculation.

NOTE: When the closing price is not available, the average price is used for the P&L calculation. This occurrence is noted by an exclamation point (!) in the P&L field.


Your current position in the selected contract.

Realized P&L

Calculates the realized profit and loss per position.

Short Market Value The current total market value of all short positions in your portfolio.
Target % The target percent of the contract as defined in the Rebalance window.

Unrealized P&L

Calculates unrealized P&L for stocks, stock options and futures options. Unrealized P&L is calculated using the formula:

(current market price - average cost/share) x total number of shares

The average cost per share is updated in realtime. This field is automatically added to the Trading window when the customer takes a position. Once removed it is not automatically added again.

Unrealized P&L Spinner

A graphic real-time representation of unrealized profit and loss, where the arrow color indicates whether your current unrealized P&L is positive (blue) or negative (red), the direction indicates whether the last price change was negative (pointing left) or positive (pointing right), and the length of the arrow represents the distance between the purchase/sale price and the last bid/ask.

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