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Combo Orders in the OptionTrader

Use the Combos tab to define and submit combination orders that use stock and option legs, based on the current OptionTrader underlying.

To create a combo order

1.  Select the Combo tab from the Trading tabset.

2.  Add legs by clicking the desired option in the Option Chains area.

Note:  You can quickly modify the Action, Expiry, Strike or Put/Call designation using the drop-down arrow in the Combo window.

3.  Use the optional feature buttons as needed:

To make the combo delta neutral

1.  Click Make Delta Neutral at the top of the combo window.

Note:  The stock leg is added at the bottom of the window, and the hedging quantity is generated automatically using the system calculated delta. If you modify the delta the stock leg quantity will change, and if you modify the stock leg quantity the delta value will update.

2.  Modify the prices if needed. The Net Option Price is the limit price for the combo's option legs only. The Stock Price is displayed separately.

3.  Choose to Transmit the delta neutral combo, or add the combo line to the Quote Panel.