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Cash Quantity Stock Orders

Now specify the cash amount you want to spend or receive for your stock orders using the Cash Quantity feature. When you specify a cash value for your order, that value in conjunction with the instrument price drives the number of shares purchased or sold. If the price moves, the number of shares is adjusted to accommodate the entered cash value.

To create a cash quantity order

1.  From the Quantity field (in the Mosaic Order Entry panel or Classic order line) click to display the Size Wand.

2.  Toggle from Shares to USD (or your base currency).

3.  Modify order parameters as needed and submit the order.

Note:  The approximate share equivalent for the specified cash quantity is displayed below the Mosaic QTY field. This value may change if the price changes before the order is completely filled.

Available for stock orders only, all currencies and most order types.

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