Configure Rapid Order Entry

Use the Rapid Order Entry tab on the Default Layout page to configure the panel by setting the display default (hide or show), defining a default order type and size, including fields in the tab order and more.



Populate with nearest at-the-money option

This feature is only available with the Stocks/Options and Options layouts. If checked, the option fields will populate once you enter the underlying symbol. Note that if you check this feature for the Stock/Options layout, you will need to delete the options contract information each time you want to enter a stock order.

Tab Order

The tab order allows you to enter order information by tabbing through the fields without removing your fingers from the keyboard. To include fields in the tab order, ensure that the Include in tab order box is checked FOR EACH FIELD. The intelligent tab-order mechanism enhances the speed with which you can enter keyboard orders by moving you through only those fields necessary to complete your order.