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Watch a video on how to use the Minimum Quantity order attribute!

Minimum Quantity

Use the Minimum Quantity order attribute to ensure that the minimum specified number of units is filled for your order.

To create a Minimum Quantity order

  1. Show the Min Quantity field: Hold your mouse over any field title until the "+" and "x" Insert and Remove icons appear. Click the "+ " to display the list of available fields. Note that if you hover your mouse over an order field, all available order fields are displayed. If you hover over a market data field, all available market date fields are displayed.
  1. On the trading screen, create an order  (click the Ask Price to create a BUY order, or the Bid Price to create a Sell order).
  2. In the Min. Quantity field enter the minimum number of contracts that must be available for any part of the order to execute.


Available for bonds and Smart-routed options orders.

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