Auto Combo Limit Order

Attach an opposite-side limit order to a complex multi-leg combination order. The limit price is determined using the Combo Order Preset values for the "Target Order." The attached order is a child order and will be linked to the parent order automatically with the OCA (one-cancels-other) tag. This order will be auto-submitted when the parent order fills.

To create an Auto Combo Limit order

1.  From within the Classic TWS Interface, create a combination order and click the Ask to create a Buy order or the Bid to create a Sell order.

2.  Use the right-click menu from the order line to select Attach and then Auto Combo Limit.

3.  The child order is created below the original parent order, and the "Key" field is displayed to show the OCA relationship between the two orders.

Note:  If specified, the Limit price for the child order uses the "Target Order" limit price in the Combo Order Preset. Otherwise, it will use the Bid for a sell order or the Ask for a buy order. The limit price can be modified on a per-order basis.

4.  Submit the parent order. When it fills, the auto combo limit order is automatically submitted.