Trading Window

Use the Trading Window configuration section to customize the buttons panel that you can display on pages, to modify the layout of existing pages, or apply a new layout to a page.

To define display configuration settings

  1. On the Edit menu select Global Configuration.
  2. Click Trading Tools in the left pane and then select Trading Window.
  3. Under the Trading Window heading you can use the right panel to set the following parameters:

Configure Buttons Panel

Create and customize buttons to perform common trading actions. Use the Configure page to hide or show the Buttons panel by default, and to add, edit or delete buttons, and re-arrange the button’s order on the panel.



Add a button

  1. Click New.
  2. Select an action to assign to the button.
  3. Modify Text and Background colors if desired.
  4. Leave Generate Label checked to have the button appropriately labeled with the associated action.
  5. Customize the action if needed, and if offered.
  6. Click OK.

Add action buttons to any trading page. To edit a button, select the button and click Edit. To create a new button, select New. Select an action from the Select Action list. A text title will automatically be generated. If customization is available, select custom actions for the button.




The Pages selection presents a list of all current page tabs you have set up in the Trading Window. Click a page name to modify the following page-level parameters.

Show Orders - page level instructions on how to handle order display