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Quick Stock/Bond Entry Exchange Configuration

Quick Stock/Bond Entry is a page-level feature which automatically completes a market data line for a stock or bond based on the underlying symbol or CUSIP you enter. To use Quick Entry, you must:



To configure Quick Stock Entry destinations

  1. On the Edit menu select Global Configuration.
  2. Click Quick Stock/Bond Entry in the left pane.
  3. In the right pane, click Add, enter a destination and click OK.
  4. Add as many order destinations as you would like to have available. You can add more destinations at any time.

Note:  Add Smart to the list to be able to route Quick Stocks and Bonds via Smart order routing.

Clarify aggregate exchanges such as Smart by specifying the primary exchange also. For example, Smart/NYSE.

You can enable Quick Stock Entry for an existing or new Quote Monitor. Ensure that the feature is enabled by opening Global Configuration from the Edit menu. From the Features menu, expand the Market Data Tools section and ensure that Quick Stock/Bond Entry is checked.

To enable Quick Stock/Bond Entry for a Quote Monitor

1.  Right-click the tab and select Settings.

2.  In the Order Origin area of the page settings, check Quick Stock/Bond Entry.