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Configure Auto Export

Use the Auto Export configuration page to define settings for automatically exporting trade reports.



To define auto export configuration settings

  1. On the Edit menu select Global Configuration.
  2. Click Auto Export in the left pane.
  3. Use the right panel to set these parameters:



Activate auto export

Check to enable automatic exportation of trade reports.

Start time

Enter the time to start the export in the format HH:MM.

Stop time

Enter the time to stop the export in the format HH:MM.


Set the interval (in minutes) to be used for checking for and exporting reports.

Export directory

Define the directory to which you want to export the file, for example c:\desktop

Export filename

Enter the name for the exported file. To use the system-assigned default name, leave this field blank.


Check this box to include the ID field on exported execution reports.

Default Column/ Extended Form/ Custom Columns

Select one column format. Extended mode includes the type, last trading day, strike, right and premium currency fields as well as the default columns, and custom allows you to define all fields that will be included in the report.

Write trade times...

If checked, shows the local time for executed trades regardless of the time zone in which the order filled.


Select the display type for the symbol, either the underlying, the local, or both.

Field delimiter

Allows you to specify a field delimiter other than comma.