Using Templates

You can save the basic algorithm settings in a named template to help you save time defining multiple Accumulate/Distribute algo orders. Please note that the template only saves the basic algo settings, not the conditions, since conditions are instrument -specific and would not translate across different algo orders.

Save Settings as a Template

After you have defined the basic algo settings described in the Define the Algorithm section, you may elect to save these parameters for use with another Accumulate/Distribute algo order.

To save a template

  1. From the Template command in the title bar, Save Template As.
  2. Enter a descriptive name for the template (for example Buy 20000 or Sell 1,000,000) and click OK.

To use an Accumulate/Distribute template

If you make changes to an existing template after you load it, you have the choice to either Save Template which saves your changes to the existing template, or Save Template As to create a new template.