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Unsettled Transfers

This section details DVP, NSCC, CMTA, and GUS trade give-ups into and out of our broker. For give-up transactions, the trade will appear from the day of trade until the day of settlement broken into trade date sections and sorted by the stage of the give-up process. Give-up trades also appear in the Trades section of the statement as trades on the trade date, and are removed from the Trades section on the settlement date as a transfer. Take-up trades appear from the day of notification until the day of settlement. They also appear in the Trades section of the statement on the date of trade notification. Give-up and take-up trades appear together and are differentiated by a To (give-up) or a From (take-up) indicator in the Direction column.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Stage The status of the unsettled transfer.
Symbol The symbol of the unsettled transfer.
Trade Date The trade date of the unsettled transfer.
Target Settlement The expected settlement date.
Direction From or to.
Instruction Name The name of the instruction.
Quantity The number of units of the unsettled transfer.
Trade Price The trade price of the unsettled transfer.
Proceeds Proceeds can be calculated at the quantity multiplied by the trade price.



Total amounts for the following fields are displayed for each date, and for your base currency at the bottom of the table: