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Option Exercises, Assignments and Expirations

The Option Exercises, Assignments and Expirations section includes any exercise, assignment and expiration activity for stocks, options, futures, futures options and structured products; as well as cash settlement for index options and structured products.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Field Descriptions

The data is grouped by Assignments, Exercises and Expirations, then by currency and then by option contract. Assignments and Exercises also display the underlying for each contract.

Column Description
Symbol The option contract and, for Assignments and Exercises, the underlying symbol of the contract.
Date/Time The date and the time of the assignment, exercise or expiration.
Transaction Type Assignment, Exercise or Expiration. Assignment underlying Transaction Types are either Sell (call option) or Buy (put option). Exercise underlying Transaction Types are Sell (put option) or Buy (call option).
Quantity The number of units for the transaction.
T. Price The transaction price.
C. Price The closing price of the contract.
Proceeds Calculated by multiplying the quantity and the transaction price. The proceeds figure will be negative for buys and positive for sales.
Comm/Tax The total amount of commission and tax for the transaction.
Basis The basis of an opening trade is the inverse of proceeds plus commission and tax amount. For closing trades, the basis is the basis of the opening trade.
Realized P/L Calculated by adding the proceeds of the closing trade plus commissions and then adding the basis.
MTM P/L The difference between the transaction price and closing price multiplied by the quantity.


Totals by currency: