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Open Positions

This section shows all open positions sorted by asset class, then currency, then symbol. It summarizes totals in your base currency at the asset level, displaying this as a new total line. The Cost Basis, Closing value, and Unrealized PNL for positions in a non-base currency are converted to your base currency using the exchange rates that were in effect on the last day of your statement period. The Unrealized Profit or Loss calculated in this section is also used in the MTM Performance Summary section of your Activity Statement.

Details by symbol are expandable and collapsible for daily activity statement. To see more detail for a particular symbol, click the plus sign next to the symbol.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Realized Summary Default Statement.

Wash Sales

For lots that have been adjusted for a loss disallowed, the code LD will appear in the Code column. For other types of lots, nothing will be displayed in the Code column. In the Open column, the holding period time is displayed instead of the open time. For default lots they are the same; for lots that have been adjusted for a loss disallowed, the holding period will be the date and time of the original lot. For the loss disallowed lots, the cost basis has been adjusted by the amount disallowed (also cost price).

Field Descriptions

The data is grouped by asset class.

Column Description
Symbol The symbol of the position held in your account.
Open The date and time when the position was initiated.
Quantity The amount held for the position.

The multiplier of the position.

For bonds, this column appears on statements with a report date older than October 29, 2014.

Accrued Int.

Bond accrued interest. This column replaces the Mult column in the bonds section on reports with a date of October 29, 2014 and later.

Cost Price The average price of the position.
Cost Basis The cost basis can be found by multiplying the quantity and the cost price.
Close Price The closing price of the position as of the report date.
Value Value can be found by multiplying the quantity and the close price.
Unrealized P/L Value of Position – Cost Basis.
Unrealized P/L %

Unrealized P/L / Abs(Cost Basis) * 100

IB UK and IB ULK Accounts only

Code The code abbreviation.



Total amounts are displayed for each currency within each asset class and for each asset class.

Totals by asset class:

Totals by currency: