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Location of Customer Assets, Positions and Money

This section lists the locations of custody assets and derivatives positions (i.e., depository locations, names of custodians and names of clearing houses for derivatives positions) and the institutions at which the firm holds or may hold client money, including money held in client bank accounts and client transaction accounts.

This section will only appear on accounts affected by the European Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive (AIFMD).

Note: For STL accounts, AIFMD related sections only appear in consolidated statements.

Field Descriptions

The section is divided by stock and derivative asset classes.

Column Description
Country The location of assets and derivative positions.
CSD The Central Securities Depository specialist firm holding the assets.
Custodian The institution responsible for safekeeping customer assets.
Clearing House

The name of the clearing and settlement house for derivative assets.

Client Money Bank Account

The name of the client banking account institutions.

Client Transaction Accounts The name of the client transaction account institutions.
Special US Reserve Accounts The name reserve banking account institutions.