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Interest Accruals

This section shows interest accruals for each currency held and are converted to your base currency using the conversion rates in effect at the time of the transaction. Interest is paid and charged once a month after each month's close. We accrue interest daily during the month. When interest is actually posted to the account, the daily accruals are reversed. Interest accruals are a balance sheet item and are included in the Net Asset Value (NAV) in Base Currency section of the statement.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement, MTM Summary, Model Statement, Realized Summary, and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Field Descriptions

The Base Currency Summary section is always displayed first, followed by a section for each additional currency.

Field Description
Starting Accrual Balance The balance of interest accruals at the start of the period.
Interest Accrued The amount of interest accrued for the period.
Accrual Reversal The amount of the accrual reversal for the period.
FX Translation Because FX translation rates change from period to period, there will be differences in the translated base currency balances.
Ending Accrual Balance The balance of interest accruals at the end of the period.