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Incoming Trade Transfers

The trade transfers are sorted by asset class, delivered or received and then date.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Symbol The symbol of the trade transfer.
Date The date of the trade transfer.
Instruction The name of the instruction.
Quantity The number of units.
T. Price The transaction price of the trade transfer.
C. Price The closing price of the symbol.
Proceeds Proceeds can be calculated by multiplying the quantity and the transaction price and adding the away broker's charge(s). The proceeds figure will be positive for incoming trade transfers that are delivered and negative for incoming trade transfers that are received.
Comm/Tax The total amount of commission and tax for the transaction.
Basis The basis of an opening trade is the inverse of proceeds plus commission and tax amount. For closing trades, the basis is the basis of the opening trade.
Realized P/L Calculated by adding the proceeds of the closing trade plus commissions and then adding the basis.
MTM P/L MTM P/L can be calculated by taking the difference of the closing and transaction price and multiplying it by quantity and subtracting out the away broker's charge(s).
Code The code abbreviation.



Total amounts appear at the bottom of each direction; either delivered or received.

Totals by symbol:

Totals by date:

Totals by currency: