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IB Managed Securities Lent Interest Details

This section for customers participating in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program shows details of lend interest rates for securities lent.

Note: This section applies to statements after February 28,2017.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Value Date The date used to compute the lend fee details.
Symbol The symbol of the security lent.
Start Date The first day the security was lent.
Quantity The number of shares lent.
Collateral Amount The collateral amount of the lend.
Interest Rate Earned by IB (%) The current market fee percentage rate.
Interest Paid to IB The total amount that IB collects for lending your fully-paid shares.
Interest Rate on Customer Collateral (%) The net lend interest percentage rate.
Interest Paid to Customer This is the amount you receive for allowing IB to lend your fully-paid shares.
Code The code abbreviation.



Total amounts for the following fields appear at the bottom of each currency section: