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Forex Balances

This section shows your Forex positions, including summary and lot information. Data is based on your functional currency and is sorted by currency. Each summary line can be expanded to display lot details.

Totals for Cost Basis, Value and Unrealized P&L in your functional currency appear at the bottom of the section.

The following rules apply to this section:

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description

On the summary line: The symbol of the currency position.

In the lot detail: A description of the original source of the lot.

Open The date and time when the FX position was initiated.
Quantity The amount held for the position.
Cost Price

On the summary line: The average price of the position.

In the lot detail: the cost price.

Cost Basis (in your functional currency) The cost basis of the position in your functional currency.
Close Price The closing price of the position as of the report date.
Value (in your functional currency) The current value of the position in your functional currency.Value is calculated by quantity * conversion rate from non-functional currency to functional currency for the ending report date of statement period.
Unrealized P/L (in your functional currency) The unrealized profit and loss of the position in your functional currency.
Code The code abbreviation.


The following image shows a sample Forex Balances section in an HTML-formatted Activity Statement.