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Financial Instrument Information

This section displays the security IDs for stocks and bonds as well as expiry and other identifying information for options and futures. Information in this section is sorted by asset class.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Symbol The symbol of the security.
Description The description of the security.
Conid The conid of the instrument traded.
Security ID The CUSIP or ISIN number of the instrument. CUSIP information is available only if you are subscribed to the CUSIP Service market data subscription, but ISIN will appear for non-US products and other products where applicable.
Multiplier The multiplier of the security.
Expiry The expiration of the security if applicable.
Delivery Month The delivery month of the security if applicable.
Type Put or call.
Strike The strike price of the security.
Issue Date The issue date of the security if applicable.
Issuer The issuer of the security if applicable.
Maturity The maturity of the security if applicable.