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Direct Securities Borrowed Fee Details

This section for Portfolio Margin customers shows details of direct borrow fees for securities directly borrowed via Stock Borrow/Loan.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Value Date The date used to determine the hard to borrow details.
Symbol The symbol of the security borrowed.
Exchange The exchange that facilitated the borrow.
Start Date The first day the security was borrowed.
Quantity The number of shares borrowed.
Collateral Amount The collateral amount of the borrow.
Fee Rate (%) The fee rate expressed, in percent, to borrow/lend the security.
Borrow Fee (Value x Fee Rate)/360.
IB Carry Charge The total amount of the IB carry charge.
IB Ticket Charge A one-time fee that is charged only on the first day of the borrow.
Total Charges The sum of the borrow fee, IB carry charge and the IB ticket charge.
Code The code abbreviation.



Total amounts for the following fields appear at the bottom of each currency section: