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Complex Position Summary

Complex positions are combination orders with multiple legs. The Complex Position Summary section includes summary and detail information about the complex positions in your account in the period of the statement. This section is not included in consolidated statements.

Expand each complex position by clicking the plus (+) sign to display the details. The summary record is a summary of all positions included in the complex position. Detail records are the individual positions included in the complex position.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement, Realized Summary, and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Column Description
Description Description of the position.
Symbol The symbol of the position held in your account.
Quantity The amount held for the position.

The multiplier of the position. Appears on the detail records only.

Close Price The closing price of the position as of the report date. Appears on the detail records only.
Value Value can be found by multiplying the quantity and the close price.
MTM P/L Market-to-Market Profit and Loss of the position.


Value and MTM P/L are totaled at the bottom of the section.