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Client Fee Expense Details

This section shows details of all client fee expenses for the period and can be viewed by Financial Advisors and Broker Masters only.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Activity Flex Query Reference.

Column Description
Account ID The account number.
Account Alias Account alias, if there is one.
Model Model, if applicable.
Currency The currency denomination of the client fee.
FX Rate to Base The conversion rate from asset currency to base currency.
Date/Time Date and time of the fee expense.
Revenue Amount of commission received from the client.
Trade ID Trade ID.
Exec ID Execution ID of the transaction.
Total Commission The amount of commission.
Broker Execution Charge Broker execution fee.
Clearing Charge Clearing charges.
Third-Party Execution Charge Third-party execution fee.
Third-Party Regulatory Charge Third-party regulatory fee.
Other Other fee expenses.
Net Net amount received after expenses have been paid.
Net/Base Net amount received after expenses have been paid, converted to your base currency.



Total amounts appear at the bottom for all columns.