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Change in Position Value

This section shows the changes in your positions sorted by asset class (Stocks, Equity and Index Options, Futures, and so on), then by currency from the beginning of the statement period to the end of the period. The Base Currency Summary always appears at the top of each asset class section.

Changes in position value are due to transactions, changes in market prices and, for multiple currencies, translation gains and losses to the base currency.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement and Legacy Full Default Statement.

Field Descriptions

The data is grouped by asset class. The base currency of your account is always displayed first, followed by a section for each additional currency.

Column Description
Prior Period Value The previous day's value of the asset class.
Transactions The total difference between sales and purchases of the asset class.
MTM P/L On Prior Period The total Mark-to-Market (MTM) profit/loss on prior period of the asset class.
MTM P/L On Transactions The total MTM profit/loss on transactions of the asset class.
End of Period Value The ending value of the asset class.