mobileTWS for BlackBerry Release Notes

The enhancements and modifications below are in release 2.1 of mobileTWS for BlackBerry.

Access and Log In
Ten Minute Reconnect Allowance for mobileTWS Session

Once you have logged in, if you leave the application without logging out, you can re-access the application without having to log in or use your security device within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will be logged out and will be required to log back in using the full login and security process. If you prefer not to have this 10 minute leeway to re-access your account, go to Configuration and switch Allow reconnect to OFF. You can also have iTWS remember your username by setting Save username to ON.

Auto Keyboard for Logging In

When you click in the Customer Login username field, an entry keyboard is displayed which allows you to enter your secure login data. This onscreen keyboard is only accessible for logging into the mobileTWS for BlackBerry application.

Splash Entry Screen Removed for Customers

In response to customer requests, the Interactive Brokers splash screen no longer displays to customers on log in.

Orders and Trades
Support for Forex Trading

mobileTWS for BlackBerry now supports forex along with stocks, options, futures and futures options. In addition, the FX Portfolio section can now viewed from the Portfolio. To enable display of the FX Portfolio, from Configuration set Enable FX portfolio to ON.

Toggle Value and Unrealized P&L in Portfolio

In the Portfolio view, the Value column now displays toggle arrows. When clicked, the entry toggles between Value and Unrealized P&L.

Charts and Data
Show Delayed Data for Unsubscribed Markets

If you enter a ticker on an exchange to which you have not subscribed, mobileTWS for BlackBerry will ask if you would like to see delayed market data for the ticker. Note that delays are determined by the exchange but are generally 15-20 minutes.

Realtime Charts

mobileTWS for BlackBerry now supports charting. To see a chart, select Quotes and Charts from the main menu. Select a symbol, and click Chart at the top right of the Contract Details page.

Realtime Market Scanners

To view market scanners, from the main menu select Scanners. Use the plus sign "+" to create a new real-time market scan.

Realtime Alerts

You can now set realtime alerts with email notification. To set an alert, from the main menu select Alerts. Use the plus sign "+" to create an alert. Define conditions and settings. The alert notification will be sent to the email defined in Configuration. To modify the email address, touch Text Message from the Alerts screen.

Free Utilities
Delayed Market Data, Charts and Market Scanners

Non customers have access to delayed quotes, charts and market scanners (delays determined by the individual exchanges) as well as realtime price alerts with email delivery, and realtime forex quotes. Additionally, non-customers can log into the mobileTWS for BlackBerry demo system to get a feel for the application.

Fixes and Changes

The following fixes have also been included in version 2.1 of mobileTWS for BlackBerry:

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