TWS Release Notes

The enhancements and modifications below are in build 893 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation.

Option Portfolio Allows Time Slicing of Orders

The Option Portfolio algo now includes the ability to slice the order into increments that will be submitted at specified time intervals. In addition, you can elect to randomize the increment size and time intervals to help ensure your orders will not be noticed in the market. To use time-sliced orders, select using time sliced orders from the dropdown box in the Define Query section of the Option Portfolio window. Set a size increment, and define the time interval for the orders to be submitted in terms of seconds, minutes or hours. Check the Randomize Time Period and Randomize Size boxes. Note that the "randomize time period" functionality will randomly change the time interval by UP TO 20% in either direction. For example, if the defined time interval is 40 seconds, the algo may submit your order at 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 or 48 second intervals, randomly. Similarly, the randomize size feature will change the increment size UP TO 55% in either direction. For example, if you're acquiring Delta in randomized increments of 500, the query results lists could have a delta of anywhere from 225 to 775.

Real-time Charts

We continue to enhance our real-time chart offerings. This latest release includes:

Customer can Assume Risk for Partially-Filled Smart Combos

Currently IB assumes the risk for partially-executed combination orders that are Smart-routed. A new checkbox, Non-Guaranteed, on both the Combos preset page and on the Misc tab of the Order ticket for Smart combos allows you to absolve IB from the risk of partially executed combination orders and assume the risk yourself. For guaranteed Smart combos, IB routes the order when all legs are most likely to fill. To take on the risk yourself in exchange for a more aggressively routed order, check the Non-Guaranteed checkbox. Note that if you make this selection in the Combos Preset page, it applies globally to all combination orders using the preset strategy. If you make the selection on the Miscellaneous tab of the order ticket, it only applies to that order.

Advisors: Percent Change Allocation for Combination Orders now Supported

Recent enhancements to our position tracking functionality for combination orders has resulted in several upgrades for advisors, including the ability to use the Percent Change allocation method for combination orders, and the ability to close a combination order using the TWS Close Position functionality.

ISW Hides Disabled Features

The Integrated Stock Window (ISW) now hides features that have been disabled in the Feature Selector. Disabled list features, such as order types, times in force and Destination selections, will display the arrow on the bottom of the list that indicates more selections are available but are disabled. Click the arrow to show disabled features, click if you want to use one, and answer "Yes" to the "Would you like to enable" message. Other disabled features, such as attributes that use a checkbox, can be displayed by checking Show all attributes on the top of the OEP (Order Entry Panel). This functionality has been modified to be consistent with the handling of disabled features throughout TWS. In addition, you can now drag and drop a contract from another TWS window into the quote panel of the ISW, and you can now open the ISW by right-clicking a ticket line in the Blotter. Previously the ISW was only accessible from the right-click menu on an order line.

Change to Market Data Window Limitations

The limitations imposed on viewing multiple deep book data windows, specifically BookTrader, Market Depth and the ISW, has been changed to restrict based on the number of unique symbols being viewed, instead of being based on the number of windows being opened. This means that you can now view deep data on a specific underlying in all three of these windows and have the "market data count" equal to 1, since the same underlying is used. The limitation is still three for unique symbols, which means for example that you could open a BookTrader each for ABC, DEF and GHI, but when you attempt to open a fourth BookTrader for JKL, TWS gives you a message telling you that the window will open, but only top level data will be available. Once you open a top level data window, that window will never be eligible for deep data, even if you close one of the first three BookTrader windows. You would need to close both one of the first three and the top level window, and reopen a third BookTrader for JKL.

This modification allows a possible combined total of nine deep book windows to be opened at once, but displaying data for only three unique symbols.

Midpoint Added to Time and Sales for Forex

To compensate for the lack of last price/last size for Forex products in IDEAL and IDEALPRO, the Time and Sales window now includes a Midpoint field for for Forex Time and Sales, where the midpoint is calculated up to every second when the bid/ask change.

In addition, the Trigger Method selections for forex that use "Last" have been removed to avoid the use of an invalid forex trigger.

API Configuration Flag for OrderID

A new checkbox has been added to the API configuration page. By default, Use negative numbers to bind automatic orders is checked. This feature assigns negative API order IDs that decrease incrementally by 1 (-2, -3, -4, etc) to orders that are bound automatically to API client orders, such as delta hedge orders to VOL orders. This feature ensures that auto-bound orders are assigned unique order IDs.

New Market Data Columns including VWAP

Several new optional TWS market data columns can be displayed via the Market Data Columns tab in the trading window Layout manager. These include a new VWAP data column, and numerous columns for eSignal market data including: EXT (Trading exchange), Relative Strength Index (RSI) colorful and numeric, Yesterday's Close, Relative Volume, Yesterday's High, Yesterday's Low and Yesterday's Volume. You must subscribe to eSignal market data to receive data in these columns.

Fixes and Changes

The following additions and modifications have also been included in TWS build 893:

Blotter OMS
Volatility Display
API Updates

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