TWS Notes for 883

The enhancements and modifications below are in build 883 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation.

New Look for TWS

Trader Workstation now has a new look and feel. You'll see the new design when you first log in. Choose from several color palettes, including classic, which most resembles the current TWS; dark, which uses blacks and dark grays; and light, which uses whites and light grays. In addition, the "Simulated" watermark of the PaperTrader has been removed from the middle of the trading window, and replaced with a less intrusive red border. Please note that the "useful" colors, such as the red and blue field backgrounds to indicate upward and downward movement, the orange and green and yellow price colors, and the order status colors, all remain unchanged.

You can select a color palette when you first log in, or use the Display page in Global Configuration. Please note that if you change the palette while you're logged in, it will not take effect until your next login.

Support for Trading Mutual Funds, T-Notes and T-Bonds

TWS now supports trading on select families of no-load mutual funds, as well as on T-Notes and T-Bonds. To support these new products, two new selections, Treasuries and Mutual Funds, have been added to the View menu and included as buttons on the trading toolbar. You can also use the new Search field (see feature description below) to find all offerings. Currently we offer trading on the Vanguard family of no-load funds. To trade these products, upgrade your trading permissions from the Trading Access>Trading Configuration section of Account Management to include Bonds (this allows you to trade T-Bonds, -Notes and -Bills) and Mutual Funds. Please note that you must show both a legal US residence and a US mailing address to be able to trade US Mutual Funds. Customers who do not meet both criteria will not see Mutual Funds as a Trading Permission selection.

Reuters Fundamentals

You can now subscribe to Reuters Fundamentals and receive global fundamental market data, including market capitalization, per share data, valuation, earnings, growth, revenue and more, directly through the TWS. An ongoing monthly subscription costs $10.00 USD, but you can sample this feature free of charge through March 31, 2008. To subscribe to Reuters Fundamentals, log into Account Management and select Trading Access, then Market Data Subscriptions. To view fundamentals, right-click on a market data line, and select Contract Info, then Description.

New Basket File Format

When you save a group of orders as a basket, TWS now saves the file as a .csv instead of .bsk. The .csv file is compatible with Excel and can be both opened or created within an excel spreadsheet. The new format for basket files is: Header Row, Order Row, Order Row, Order Row etc. You can also use multiple Header Rows within a file, or Header Row, Order Row, Order Row, Header Row< Order Row, Order Row, Order Row. To see this new format, create several orders for different products but DO NOT transmit. On the TWS File menu select Save Orders as Basket, edit the filename and save. Now browse to the C:\Jts directory and double click the basket name you just created. If you have Excel installed, the file will open in Excel, and you will see separate header rows to accommodate the fields needed for different product types.

Note that TWS will still read the old .bsk basket file format.

TWS Feature Search

A helpful new Search field box has been added to the top right corner of the TWS trading window. You can search on any feature or concept, and TWS returns a comprehensive list of possible answers with related actions, such as: Open Global Configuration and find..., Find toolbar button..., Find menu...and Open Hotkeys Configuration and find... or Open Window. When you click an item in the list, TWS performs the action. If you choose Open Window, the feature window that you searched on is opened. For example, if your search on "Order Ticket" and then select Open Window, the Order Ticket window opens. If you choose one of the "find" actions, for example Open Order Ticket and find...Preserve Time Priority, the Order Ticket window opens to the Misc tab, and the focus zeros in on the Preserve Time Priority attribute. In addition, a new Contract Search selection has been added to the View menu. Enter a symbol or name and the search returns all contracts.

IB Risk NavigatorSM Aggregates Greeks Across Underlyings

The Delta, Gamma and Vega greeks now display aggregate values in the top row of all reports (excluding the Price Change/Volatility Change matrix), for both the real-time and drill-through scenarios. To change the calculation method, on the Settings menu select Greek aggregations. For Delta and Gamma you can choose Straight Add, Perfect Correlation, or Same Percentage Move. For Vega choose from Straight Add and Same Percentage Move.

Real-time Charts Enhanced

The charts feature has been enhanced as follows:


The following issues have been fixed in build 883 of TWS:

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