TWS Notes for 876


Select Language for TWS

TWS has been translated into several major international languages. You can now select a language when you log in by clicking the flags at the top of the Login page and selecting a language. When you click Apply the language, including that in the login screen, is changed to your selection. Please note that the language selections do not appear the next time you log in. To reset the current language, on the Configure menu select Global Configuration, then select General in the left pane. Use the Language section at the bottom of the page to change the language.

Ability to Hedge Index Options Volatility Orders with Futures

You can now submit Volatility orders for index options, and select an index future to use for Hedge Delta trades. When you select the Hedge Order Type, from the order row, TWS presents a list of futures you can use to hedge. Select one and click OK.

TWS IBExecution Services

IB Institutional customers can now choose where they want to clear their trades directly from the TWS trading window on a per order basis. Clearing choices include:

To use IBExecution services, you must first apply, and then complete give-up instructions. Customers interested in IBExecution Services should contact an IB Sales person.

TWS includes three new fields for IBExecution accounts, available on the main trading window and in the Misc tab on the Order Ticket. These fields are:

The give-up field can be accessed via the Order Ticket, or by clicking on the Account field on the trading screen. A selection box displays all account numbers and the give-ups available for the specified account. TWS remembers the last give-up entered and uses it for the next trade.

Ability to Lock TWS with Password

You can now elect to lock the TWS application if you want to leave it running but make it inaccessible to others. To lock TWS, on the File menu select Lock Application. The application is now locked. You must enter your TWS password to get in. Click OK to unlock the application and keep it running, or click Shutdown Application to exit from TWS.

Access Time & Sales from Trading Window

You can now view time & sales for an underlying directly from the trading window. Select an underlying symbol and click the Time and Sales icon on the Trading toolbar. If you don't see this icon, click the Add More Buttons arrows on the right of the toolbar and display the Time & Sales button.

Allow Filtering by Symbol on Executions Window

You can now filter your execution reports by symbol using the new Filter field on the Executions screen. Enter the symbol in the field to see ONLY reports for that symbol. You can only enter one symbol, and this field also filters results on the Summary page. In conjunction with this feature there is a new submenu item, View Executions, when you right-click on a market data line. This command opens the Executions window with symbol you selected in the Filter box and any relevant executions displayed in the Executions window.

Leverage Field Added Back to Account Window

The new Account window now includes the Leverage field, which is your Gross Position Value divided by your Net Liquidation. This data is in the Available for Trading section below the Buying Power.

Reuters Subscription Added to News Service

The News Suppliers feature has been enhanced to display Reuters news. To subscribe to Reuters, on the View menu select Account Management. Open the Trading Access menu and select Market Data Subscriptions. In the News Services section, check Reuters News. Please note that it may take up to one day for your subscription to be activated. To enable Reuters news in TWS,  open Global Configuration (click the Configure icon on the toolbar, or on the Configure menu select Global Configuration). In the left pane select News Configuration and then News Suppliers. In the Preconfigured Providers section check Reuters News Service. Once your subscription is active you will receive Reuters news along with your other RSS providers' news. To view news for an underlying in TWS, select the symbol and use the right-click menu to select Analysis>Show News for Selected Contract. A new detached News page is created. You can attach this page to your TWS by selecting Attach Page from the right-click menu. In addition, two new columns are added to your trading page: News Time and News Title. The stories are color-shaded  - the lighter the color the more recent the story.

Iron Condor Options Strategy Template

The combination order option templates now include an Iron Condor, which is an order to buy an out-of-the-money put bull spread and simultaneously sell an out-of-the-money call bear spread, where all legs have the same expiry. To create an Iron Condor, enter an underlying in the Symbol field and hit Enter, then select Comb as the instrument type and Smart as the destination. Use the Single tab, select Option as the leg type, then select Iron Condor as the strategy. Use the Action box to create a buy or sell Iron Condo combination order.


The features/issues below have been modified or fixed: