TWS Notes for 871

The enhancements and modifications below are in build 871 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation.

BookTrader Enhancements

The BookTrader Advanced Mode now includes a new checkbox (which is active by default) called Order type select buttons. When checked, five new order type buttons are enabled, called: LMT, STP, STP LMT, T LMT, and NONE. Clicking one of these buttons puts the BookTrader mouse cursor into "order type" mode. For example, if you click the STP button, when you hold the cursor over a price in the ladder you'll see "STP" as the mouse-over help. Clicking on any price will now create a STOP order. This mode makes it easy to move orders. If you go into LMT mode, clicking on a price creates a limit order. Clicking on another cancels the existing order and creates a new limit order at the selected price.

In addition, you can now modify the size of a child order in a bracket once the parent order has executed. Previously you could not change the child order.

Volatility Order Enhancements

The Limit price calculation for Volatility orders has been modified to follow the same rules as regular limit orders. These include any Precautionary settings that you define on the Order Defaults page, including Percent off the best bid/ask, size limit, and number of ticks. Previously the volatility order limit price was capped to the bid/ask instead of using your TWS settings.

API Configuration Enhancement

The API section of Global Configuration has been enhanced to include the option to turn off the Send status update for EFP and Volatility orders with "Continuous Update" flag feature. If unchecked, updates for these order types will not be sent back to the API client. This option is checked by default.

Chart Enhancements

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