Release Notes for Build 848

The enhancements and modifications below are in build 848 of TWS. To identify the build number, on the TWS Help menu select About Trader Workstation. For clarification on any of the items listed, refer to the appropriate section in the User's Guide, or contact IB customer service.

New Login Look

The TWS is now deployed using Java Webstart. This change reduces the startup time, and changes the look of the login screen.

Chart Templates

You can now save a chart layout as a template, and reapply the template to create new charts with different underlyings. Use the chart's File menu to select Save Chart as Template. To create a new chart layout based on a template, on the chart's File menu select Load Chart Template. Also, the current time is now displayed with the current date on the Chart frame.

Create/Close Positions from Portfolio Analytics

Interactive Analytic's Portfolio Analytics helps you to understand your portfolio risk across asset classes. You can now elect to create orders and close positions from contracts in the Portfolio Analytics Position tab. To close selected positions in your current portfolio, highlight those positions and use the right-click menu to select Trade Selected. To include all positions in your portfolio, select Trade Portfolio. Orders to close the selected positions are created and displayed on the TWS Pending page. You must manually transmit the orders. If you use this feature from a "what-if" scenario, orders are created to open the selected positions.

Help Icon Links to TWS User Guide

Many pages now include a Help icon that opens the relevant section of the TWS User's Guide.

Edit Orders on Pending Page

You can now edit orders from the system-generated Pending page. Previously, the Pending page was only for viewing working orders.

Export to Excel Now Includes Market Data

When you choose "Export Page in Excel Format" from the File menu, the bid, ask and last price market data is now included.

Relocate Advisor Menu Selections

The four advisor menu options, including Account Groups, Allocation Profiles, Account Aliases and Default Allocation, have been removed from the View menu and relocated to the Configure menu under the new Advisor submenu. Additionally, the dialog boxes have been combined into a single screen with four tabs.


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