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Mobile Trading Assistant

The Mobile Trading Assistant comprises a group of separately-controlled notifications that can be set to proactively notify you when user-specified market, account, position and order activities warrant. Notifications occur in real time, and are sent via email on your notification settings in Account Management.

To configure notifications, from the Main Menu tap Mobile Trading Assistant.

Note:  The notifications must be turned on and turned off individually.

Market Notifications
Receive a notification if the daily price change percent exceeds the bounds you define for a specific instrument. Threshold boundaries can be set between -5% and 5%. i.e. “SPX up 2.5% (1,470.50).”\

Add multiple tickers by clicking the Add Security/Index icon.

Account Notifications
Receive an alert when the margin cushion or Daily P&L exceeds your boundary or range, i.e. “Margin Cushion Below 5%.”

Position Notifications
Sends an alert if the percent change of ANY of your positions exceeds the user-specified boundaries. i.e. “AAPL: Long 200 position up 3% (650.37).”

Trade Notifications
Sends an alert when an order fills, i.e. “SOLD 500 AAPL @ 650.37.”