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Transferring Funds Internally

The Fund Transfers page lets you transfer funds internally from your account or an internal fund transfer to another IB account.

We support the following internal fund transfers:

  • Internal fund transfer to another IB account (all account structures) with matching Account Name, Account Title, Tax ID, National ID, ID Type and Country of legal residence.

  • Linked accounts can use this type of transfer. However, multiple accounts that are eligible to be linked but are not currently linked cannot use this type of transfer; these account holders will receive an error message.
  • Internal fund transfer between a master and sub account. The account types are eligible:
  • Proprietary Trading Groups - Separate Trading Limit accounts.
  • Non-disclosed Brokers.
  • Separate Trading Limit accounts can also transfer funds between two sub accounts.
  • Internal fund transfer to a client or sub account. The following account types are eligible:
  • Advisor Masters can transfer funds to a client account with trading privileges or a client account with a matching Account Name, Account Title and Tax ID ONLY IF they need to reimburse client fees.
  • Investment Manager Masters (Fund Advisors) can transfer funds to an Omnibus Fund sub account, and to any client/sub account with a matching Account Name, Account Title and Tax ID.
  • Fully Disclosed Brokers.

To enter an internal funds transfer

  1. Click Transfer & Pay > Transfer Funds.
  2. The Account Selector opens. Select the account you want to use for this transaction, or use the search function in the Account Selector to find the desired account. Click CONTINUE to submit your account selection and close the Account Selector.

  1. In the Transaction list, select Internal Transfer.
  2. In the Currency list, select the currency of your deposit.
  3. The Method list is automatically set to Fund Transfer.

  1. In the Transaction Information section, select the account to which you want to transfer funds, and enter the amount to transfer.

  1. Click CONTINUE.
  • Click Cancel at any time to cancel the transaction.
  1. If prompted, enter your username and password.
  2. You will immediately receive an email notification containing a confirmation number. Enter the confirmation number where indicated on the Internal Funds Transfer page, then click Confirm
  • If you did not receive a confirmation number, click Resend Confirmation Number to receive a new one.

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